Entoro Offerboard

Redesign, User Flow Improvements, Wireframes, Hi-Def Prototypes


As the sole product designer at Futuretech, I led the redesign of Entoro Offerboard, an investment platform catering to accredited investors seeking vetted investment opportunities. Our mission was to elevate the user experience, enhance transparency, and attract potential investors. Here’s how we transformed the Entoro Offerboard:

Project Goals

Streamlining Complexity: The existing platform lacked clarity and ease of use. Accredited investors needed a seamless way to explore investment options.

Visual Overhaul: We aimed to create a modern, visually appealing interface that instilled confidence in potential investors.

Time and Budget Constraints: With limited resources, we had to deliver results swiftly without compromising quality.
My Role

Stakeholder Collaboration: I worked closely with the Entoro Offerboard team, understanding their vision and business goals.

User-Centric Design: I conducted user research to identify pain points and gather insights.
Mid-Definition Prototype: Given the time constraint, I rapidly iterated on wireframes and created a mid-definition prototype.

Visual Refinement: I designed a clean, professional UI that aligned with Entoro Offerboard’s brand.
Enhanced User Experience: The responsive redesign improved user engagement and accessibility.

Aligned with Party Values: The visual design reflected SWP’s commitment to social justice and activism.

Investor and Supporter Appeal: The revamped website positioned SWP as a credible and forward-thinking political force.
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